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To refine your promotional strategies, digital marketing is essential. Digital marketing can assist you in becoming familiar with your target audience; gain valuable knowledge about them which will in turn increase the credibility of your marketing team.

PPC: Pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective tool of the digital marketing world that puts emphasis on relevance. It comes into use when users are searching for products, services, and information. Its primary functions include increasing sales, producing leads, and making people more familiar with a company’s brand. We specialize in PPC as well as Google AdWords campaign optimization to guarantee a lower Cost Per Acquisition with more leads and sales. This is done through comprehensive competitor and keyword research, split testing the PPC ads, improving campaign configuration, and observing conversions to promote increased sales.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) provides a means of increasing your business in today’s aggressive market. Through SEM, numerous tactics and methods are synergized to bring in more web traffic from search engine outcome pages (SERPS) to a website.

At Cogitaxis, we are giving our all to ensure good outcomes with the campaigns by taking into accout all points above. Our reports are comprehensive, starting with the project initiation and finishing with a review of the keywords. To facilitate an exhaustive appraisal of the project and answer any questions about the campaigns, speak to one of our accomplished Google Adwords professionals in India.

SMO: Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a marketing practice used to sustain and amplify the online presence of a business by engaging with different social media networks. With this type of digital marketing, businesses can ensure their brand stays strong in the eyes of their target audience and gain authority in their respective industry. The objective behind implementing SMO goes beyond just introducing people to the business. It also concentrates on boosting brand visibility, acquiring more website visitors, and climbing up search engine rankings.


ORM: ORM, or Online Reputation Management, is another well-known digital marketing instrument applied today. It employs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and different digital marketing techniques to enhance the overall picture of your brand. Whether you’re finishing up a business deal or developing a business relationship, how you’re seen online is crucial. Its aim is to make brand communication more genuine and appealing to viewers. That said, make sure you are informed of your digital presence at all times.

SMM: Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is absolutely critical if you want to take your company up a notch. The concept behind SMM is pretty clear just from its name; this refers to promoting yourself through digital media outlets and social networks. This kind of marketing allows you to boost brand visibility, bring in new potential customers, generate website visits, up your conversion rates, and ultimately raise your business sales. The principal target of SMM is to achieve an expansive crowd and spread word about your brand quickly.

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